1974 Dodge D-300 Truck - AKA... SQUAD 51

So much can be said about this World Famous Iconic vehicle we could fill an encyclopedia. The photos on this page were taken at the extremely popular 51 in Quarters Event. Both Engine 51s and Squad 51 were reunited with Station 127, another icon. Station 127 is the real Los Angeles County Fire Station that was used to film the TV show EMERGENCY! It is located in Carson, CA.


The “Squad 51” in the Los Angeles County Fire Museum is the last of three vehicles of that model used during the filming of Emergency!. The first was a 1972 D-300 1 ton truck cab and chassis. This squad appeared in the first two seasons. An identical 1973 D-300 appeared during the third season. The only visible difference was a pair of “D” ring towing lugs bolted into the rear checker plate bumper. The original Twinsonic lightbar, searchlights, rear compartment box and other external paraphernalia were retained and put on the second vehicle chassis.

In season five, the final Squad 51 appeared as a 1974 D-300, the Museum’s vehicle on display. Again, the external equipment from the original 1972 squad was moved to the third truck. The only discernible with this truck were the black vinyl trim covers on the insides of the cab doors. The two previous truck cabs had all metal doors with no vinyl covers.

The original gasoline powered 440 ci motor is still in the vehicle. The restoration cost was about $30,000 due to the restoration being a complete “frame off” restoration. Squad 51 contains actual medical equipment including a Biophone per the Los Angeles County Fire Department specs of the era.

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