1923 Ford American LaFrance Model TT

1923 Ford Model “TT” The TT designation was for heavier duty chassis, such as a truck chassis. The TT we have is similar to the 1915, but it has two chemical tanks. You could switch over to the other tank when the first was empty and continue to fight the fire as you refilled the other one with water. This also carried 2.5″ cotton jacketed hose, and that hose would be charged with water with either a fire hydrant, or a pumper.


This TT was turned into a fire engine by the American LaFrance Fire Engine company. This apparatus was in service in Lake Tahoe Fire Dept, When it was retired from the department, and somehow in 1948 ended up at a used car dealership in Glendale, CA. It was found there by a LA Co Firefighter named Dan Fleming. Dan Fleming bought this fire engine for $100 and used it for various functions around the LA Co Fire Department. He ended up either selling it, or donating it to the Fire Department around 1950.

And ever since then this fire engine has been owned by the Los Angeles County Fire Department and used at various functions and parades throughout the years. In the late 1980s, one of our Fire Department mechanics, by the name of Andy Anderson, volunteered to restore this fire engine. He took it home and took it completely apart and did a “frame off restoration”. The vehicle is still in the condition left by Andy Anderson, it is in excellent condition.

We are very proud to have it in our collection. We are also very thankful to Andy Anderson and all the time he donated. We dedicate the vehicle to Andy Anderson for his work, and to Danny Fleming.

May 2010 Comment by County of Los Angeles Fire Museum President, Paul Schneider:

“I actually had the opportunity to meet Danny Fleming at one of the Museum’s open houses about a year ago. Danny Flemming was a really interesting man. He came on our job in the mid 1940s. He was one of the last firemen in the Los Angeles County Fire Department to be trained as a horse patrolman as well as a motorcycle patrolman. So, he used to ride the old Harley Davidson motorcycles that patrolled our motorways up in the forestry area, as well as using horses for the same purpose.

Danny Fleming died about 4 months ago. So, we were very fortunate to have the opportunity to talk to him and write down the history of some of his career and get a picture of him with his old fire engine, the engine that still exists in LA County Fire Department’s inventory because of Dan Flemmings generosity.”

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