Here is a cool shot of our 1965 Crown which is more famously known as “The First Engine 51”.

This was LA County FD Engine 60. If you look closely you can see the number 60 in yellow top of the engine cowling.

The Museum has been taking care of this engine since it was retired in 1988. Luckily it was stored in various fire stations after it’s retirement and never sat outside to deteriorate.

What’s your favorite Engine 51? The Crown or Ward?
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Front shot of Crown E 51

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  1. Loved the Ward for the looks. But nothin’ beats the “cadillac” of fire engines. CROWN baybeh !!

  2. I will always love The Ward. The Crown is just my favorite piece of apparatus. Just a gem of support. Squad 51, KMG-365.

  3. I was a kid watching the show and thought the topless Crown was cool as heck. As I’ve grown older, I’ve re-watched the series more than once and my affinity for the Ward LaFrance has grown to the point that it is now my favorite version of Engine 51.

  4. Tough call there 😎 Crown Firecoach is classic old skool. Loved the rumble she made. Ward LaFrance is the “real” face of Emergency! Loved that air horn. Soo….


  5. As a kid I hated the Crown, the Ward was my favorite. Could never figure out why they didn’t have roofs. As a retired fireman and apparatus nerd, I like the Crowns now.

    The WLF is still my favorite because the big boxey cab looks bada%^.

    • As a kid growing up on Long Island, NY watching “Emergency,” the Crown was something I’d never seen before – no Crowns back East, our FDS had Mack Bs, Cs, and CFs. So my vote goes with the Crown!

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