The History topic covers everything in our collections and more. The Los Angeles County Fire Department is a rich multifaceted organization that has a deep history. It is easy to find photos of the rigs and tools, but there is so much more to a Fire Department, and this is where you can learn more about the other facets.

The Fire Department system works because of the people, not the rigs, not the aircraft, and not the tools. All of those are key to success, yes, but the people behind the steel are the true success story of the Department. We will be providing biographies and stories on the people behind the uniform. We welcome articles and stories from those who are or have been part of our Department. These stories do not have to be from the early days, every day past is now a part of history. Help us grow the story. Email us, use the contact form, tell us a story, provide a photo or more. Use the Contact form and use the subject line: History.

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