Our Directors have an affinity for vehicles. Here is a pic of our very own Director Danny Dingillo with his 1958 Chevy in front of the Downey Fire station where he once worked. (this wasn’t yesterday!) Here is his story:

My story starts in 1960, I just graduated from Compton High School. My dream was to build a custom car, I knew it had to be a Chevy! And it had to be a 1954 to 1960 vintage. My journey to find one in good condition wasn’t easy! I finally found a ’58 in Long Beach CA. I took my savings and with a little help from my parents bought it. I immediately went to work on it, touched up a couple of things, lowered it and put a set of custom wheels on it. Over the next couple of years I had the 58 fully painted candy persimmon over a pearl base (that’s when they used lacquer paint). It was painted by “Junior Conway” in Lynwood CA and then I took it to Eddie Martinez in Lynwood. Both were famous journeyman at the time. I entered the car in many shows for the next 3 years and it won its class each and every time. The car was used for a cover shot on Rod & Custom magazine in August 1964.

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