In 1969, the profession that  we know of as Paramedics was started in Los Angeles County.  In recognition of the 50th year since the very first class for training paramedic, a huge celebration was held in March 2019.  Key players, or the “pioneers”, were significant in the development of Emergency Services came together to share their part in the process and the success of the ensuing Emergency Medical Services system of care.

This story, EMS: 50 Years of Service and Beyond was produced by Birman and Associations on behalf of the Los Angeles County Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Agency. The Los Angeles County Fire Museum is proud to sponsor the story and share it with our followers. The Museum is in the process of building a collection of artifacts, apparatus, and photographs that celebrate the Paramedics of our Department and the world. We have a pretty good start with our Squad and Engine 51s from the EMERGENCY! television show.

You can watch a video on the beginnings of Paramedicine on our Pioneers of Paramedicine page. The video here provides the story of Emergency Medical Services today. You will learn what our first responders do on a daily basis to ensure that teh sick, injured and frail among us received the best care possible in the pre-hospital setting.

The image of the program cover below is a link to a pdf of the full event Program.




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