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The information provided on this page is ALL there is at this time. Please do not ask us to provide any details regarding who will be there, or what to expect during the event…yet. We will release the information to the email list, here and in our social media as soon as it is solid and ready for you.

We are as excited as you are about this. Get ready now… plan your trip to Southern California next January. This is a great time of year here in the Southland. We can’t wait to see you all again.

The Event Team

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  1. So since Covid had to postpone everything I have my reservations and my ticket for Saturday meet and greet but do we have any other information as of yet? I would love to be able to plan my schedule especially since I am coming from New York.

  2. Friday start times and Sunday end times are really needed soon in order to make hotel and flight arrangements. Is there any information that can be provided at this time?

  3. I am just curious if there will be shuttles like there was at the 2011 event.

  4. In the summer of 1972 I began my first responder career working for my mother and father as an ambulance attendant in Oakland California. This was before paramedics or emergency medical technicians existed. This was before CPR was taught. An American Red Cross advanced first aid card and California ambulance drivers license were all that was required. We, along with other private companies, responded to everything the city threw at us. Strictly “load and go” with some minor first aid and an oxygen tank . My training consisted of on the job experience and watching Emergency. Over the years I watched as Emergency changed EMS. The fights over who should do what, ambulance vs. fire, the required level of training, the almost monthly changes in CPR, etc. Emergency changed it all; the standards, the expections, the lives saved vs loss and the accountability for it all. I watched it all, and I saw EMS become a profession. Thanks to one little hourly TV show and a crew of people showing us the way. I carried this experience with me for the over 40 years I was a first responder, as an ambulance attendant, EMT, and deputy sheriff and trainer. I am really looking forward to this event.

  5. Like many others here, I grew up watching Emergency which influenced my future in becoming a career FF/PM. My first assignment was Squad 71. Lol. I have always wanted to have the opportunity to possibly meet the cast who greatly influenced my life and now I will have that (bucket list) chance. Cant wait to be there.

  6. /!\ Information for Canadian fans going to the 50th Anniversary. Today (15 October) the US government has approved mixed dosages of Covid vaccine. If you received Astra-Zeneca / Pfizer-BioNTech as a 1st / 2nd dose for example, you can cross the border. However, currently, we will still need to complete a PCR test 72nd hours before departure time heading home. (Canadian government requirement still). The test is expensive, but may not be required when we leave in January. Hopefully it won’t as the test has to be completed in the States and is expensive (about $150 US). Check with your travel agent.

  7. Hello fellow Emergency Fans. I can’t wait to go to this event for 51’s 50th. I am taking my dad whom is a Mechanic for the Ventura County Fire Department and has been for close to 45yrs. He’s set to retire next year and I think this would be an amazing retirement gift for him. Not to mention that I get to spend some quality time with my dad doing something we are both interested in and my dad loves so much. Can’t wait to see you all there.

  8. I am so looking forward to this event! It is a bucket list item to meet Randolph Mantooth (my first love) and Mike Stoker. Going to be so much fun!

    • I agree with you. I am so excited to meet Randy, Mike, and Kevin. I had crushes on all of them. I admire them as people also. They have done a great deal for emergency services since they left the show. It will be a great experience. Safe travels.

    • I got to meet and have, also my first love Randolph Mantooth…aka….Johnny Gage, sign my Emergency lunchbox about 15 years ago. Even then I was like a little kid. Nervous and blushing and speechless. So,can’t wait to see him again and hopefully get Kevin Tighe to sign it. I also met Marco back then too.

    • Me , too! Add to that bucket list, going to California ❤️.. I’ve always wanted to go- this event gave me the push to do it! Also, never done a trip like this alone- so I’m excited about that , also! Looking forward to meeting many interesting people!!

  9. I watched Emergency as an 10 year old kid and I was hooked on the Fire Department and EMS. I will retire as a Battalion Chief in January 2022 after a 38 year career with an east coast fire rescue department. My flight is booked, my hotel is booked; I am stoked to be starting my retirement years by attending this event in So Cal!

    • As a former L A Co F D dispatcher, I plan on being here for this great event. I will be attending with my best friend and we are looking forward to this event. We’ll see everyone in January!

  10. I had to cash in my birthday gift and Christmas gift from my wife to go to this event. I have the time off and my Hotel reservations. I was 6 years old when the show premiered. I always loved fire trucks and started my fire career in the Navy in 1985 and will be retiring from EMS a month before this event. I was on the Engine for 20 years and an EMT for 30. I never had a doubt what I was going to do because of this show.

  11. Just curious when tickets will be available it’s my husband’s favorite show and I know this is on his bucket list.

  12. I’m sorry to ask a question about the event- just wondering if there is a ticket for purchase to enter event and/or limited number or attendants… I just don’t want to be turned away after already paying for my plane ticket!

    • Exactly! We will be coming from New York. Let’s hope we can buy tickets in advance…

  13. I grew up watching the show and getting out to LA to see Station 127 has been on my bucket list for a long time. Now, with this “Emergency” anniversary event, I believe the time has come.

    • Hi David,
      Yes, my bucket list too! I already have plane ticket and room/ rental car reserved! Hope to meet many people like myself who love all things Emergency!

      • Hi Colleen. I can’t wait to be there either. I grew up in Seattle and always wanted to be a Seattle Fire Fighter but went in the US Coast Guard instead. Growing up I had the chance to ride with the Seattle Fire Department Paramedics during the mid 70’s and saw the start of the Medic One program in the early 70’s. Emergency was a big part of my growing up and I got the big thrill in meeting Randolph Mantooth and Kevin Tighe when they came to Seattle and did the episode showcasing the Seattle Medic One Program. Family members and friends of Seattle Medic One Paramedics got the chance to go down and see the filming and meet them.

  14. Hello, Museum Team ~

    Airfares to SoCal for January just went on sale! Should out-of-town attendees plan on arriving on the 13th and departing the 17th? Or will the 14th and 16th be partial days?

  15. I just found out about the 50th anniversary celebration of Emergency! I live in Upstate New York, and not quite sure I will have the funds to travel to California, but I will certainly try! I was only a little girl during the show’s initial run in the 70’s but I LOVED this show! I just need to find someone to go with me who shares my enthusiasm for the show and the nostalgia that brings with it!

  16. I’m so excited about this 50th Anniversary! I’ve already asked for the days off. Waiting for hotel information so I can book my rooms. This is going to be an incredible event!

  17. This is going to be awesome, I can’t wait until January. I hope that station 51 A shift report for duty that weekend, it would be great to meet the guys. I am sorry that Dixie McCall (Julie London) is no longer with us RIP, she was the best RN around. She was my inspiration to become a RN. May she rest in peace.

  18. Watched from the beginning. EMT since 1978, Wishard Paramedic in the 1980’s, looking forward to this event and plan on being there.

  19. Watched from the beginning. EMT since 1978, Wishard Paramedic in the 1980’s, looking forward to this event and plan on being there. Also want to visit Station 127.

  20. Husband and wife team with a combined 55 years of experience. Both got inspired and found our calling due the great show.

  21. I was 6 years old when the pilot aired. I am watching the series finale as I write this. I had a great career in the field because of the show. I can’t wait for January.

  22. Any Hotel Info yet? Want to get a jump on scheduling a flight and reservations.


    • Hi, Jeri. I’ve talked with you a few times on Facebook. I hope to run into you at the event in January.

  23. Hello all! Wally from outside Vancouver BC Canada (Mission BC) I was at the grand opening too! I’ll be at the 51-50 for sure! Cant wait to see Joe, Paul and all the folks at the center.

    • Hello from outside of Vancouver BC Canada (Surrey BC). Will be there too. I volunteer in Emergency Management for the Cdn Red Cross and on occasion for the Salvation Army Emergency Disaster Services (out of Abbotsford). Hope to meet you, eh?

  24. I just found out about the 50th year event. I will be there. Are there going to be tickets to purchase? Thanks for providing the event so that fans can get closer to the history of the show.

  25. Emergency! was my favorite TV show when I was a kid, I was born in 71. I remember watching reruns and playing with my Tonka Fire Engines and fighting structure fires with the in the hall of my house. I had no idea these trucks were still around. Looks like I need to head west to see them!

    • Hi, Eric! I was born in 70, so it’s nice to see there are other youngsters like us ? when Emergency first aired. My brother and I watched faithfully every Saturday night. I had the he’d plastic fire hat and the board game !

  26. I really am looking forward to coming to the 50th anniversary next January I hope it is still on and I hope all the cast shows up I really would like to meet them

  27. I was a firefighter emt in san Bernadino County back in the early 90s The show was a big influence in my life growing up

  28. i’m planning on being there can’t wait until jan. first trip back there since the grand opening in 18 coming from pa.

  29. I am planning on attending this one too. Will be first trip in 2 years. Super excited!!

    • Looking forward to this event! Wouldn’t miss it! It’s going to be so exciting! Hope the museum is able to open up very soon. Love to all!

  30. can’t wait Excited to hear more details on who’s all going to be there, all the stuff going to be happening. 🙂

  31. I didn’t think you’d be able to top the Grand Opening in 2018 but I’m thinking you are going to with this 3 day event. 🙂 Connecticut’s biggest fan will be there!

  32. I bringing my “A” Shift on. Cause the guys were on
    A Shift. What celebration that will be.

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