First off thank you all for the kind words of support as we jump into this frame off restoration to save this piece of EMS history.

Today we were able to put her on good tires and wheel dollies so we can move her around easier. We picked up the rebuilt transmission today from our friends at Community Transmission in Bellflower (shameless plug) and it looks great! We started taking the back of the ambulance apart so we can get the fiberglass shell off the top as the top will be the first piece to go to the paint shop. This is going to be harder than we expected as every screw going through the top needs to be drilled out. We also found a ton of rat poop, leaves and acorns between the head liner and the top.
It must have been a great rat/squirrel house for many years.
On a cool note we found a piece of hard board that fit perfectly in the big side windows under the seats.
We are assuming this was used to block out the light from the window to help control the lighting for filming Johnny and Roy in the back of the ambulance.

Take care,

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