October 5,2020
Does this cool old 1969 Chevy Ambulance look familiar?
If you think that it looks like the ambulance that was in a wreck in one of the episodes of, “EMERGENCY!”
you are correct.

As per Paul K,
“The ambulance driven by Al that got hit by the Lincoln Continental in “Propiniquity”?”

The Los Angeles County Fire Museum will be doing a very extensive restoration including rebuilding the original engine, trans and differential.
We have the paint shop waiting for us to pull the engine and trans so they can start getting it ready for paint.
More info soon…
Does anybody have a contact at
Classic industries in Huntington Beach?
This may be a great project to partner with a corporate sponsor.
Please post any good shots of the ambulance you all might have.

Ambulance restoration day 1
Front clip removed,
Engine and trans out…
More later

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