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9834 Flora Vista Street
Bellflower, CA 90706

Ride TO THE EVENT in Squad 51

THE Squad 51 & THE Engine 51s "In Quarters"
Fire Station 127, Cason, CA


World's Greatest EMERGENCY! Fan Contest

In Quarters

Big EMERGENCY! fans care about the condition of Squad 51 and the two Engine 51s. Dues paid by members of the Los Angeles County Fire Museum go directly to the preservation and restoration of the appratus on display at the Museum. Dues also go to preservation, restoration, and maintainence of the Squad 51 and the two Engine 51s.

Begin showing us how big of a fan you are by becoming a member of the Los Angeles County Fire Museum. Feel good, knowing that you were a big part in the preservation of your favorite vehicles. Then be prepared to show and tell us why you think you are THE one.

If you are  picked as THE WORLDS BIGGEST FAN, you will be the envy of everyone else at the event, as you will get a ride in the world famous Squad 51 wearing your commemorative 51 In Quarters helmet.

HERE IS WHAT TO DO: Take some pictures of your EMERGENCY! shrine, your collections, and take one photo with you and  your favorite EMERGENCY memorabilia. Write out a short story, no more than 500 words, that explains why YOU are the WORLD'S BIGGEST EMERGENCY! fan. Send by email only 3 photos and your story to


1. You must be a member to enter.
2. Your photos must be JPG format and cannot exceed 1.5MB TOTAL for submission.
     Use software to re-size.
3. Essays are to be submitted as PDF files, no other documents will be accepted.
Name your photos and your essay with your First and Last name
     Example [but use YOUR name]:
     JimmyJones1.jpg, JImmyJones2.jpg, JimmyJones3.jpg, JimmyJones.pdf
5. Make sure your membership number, full name, address, phone number, and email is on
     your essay sheet. We have to have a way to contact you, so don't forget.
6. Submit your files to , submissions
     sent to any other email accounts will not be considered.
7. Entries will close on midnight June 30th Pacific Daylight Savings Time
     (email account will turn off).

Event - contest rules - and celebrity appearances subject to change.

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